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The city of Brandon, Manitoba has something for everyone. With a great deal of rural industry and a thriving urban centre, you can find anything that you could ever need. Unfortunately the same can be said for pests in the area!

Manitoba is known for its extreme weather patterns. This changing climate has an effect on humans and pests as well. The humid summer months are like a vacation for pests such as silverfish who thrive in damp or moist conditions. Pigeons also have a heyday with all of the increased patio use, dropped ice cream cones and fries. These pests could not be more opposite but both cause significant damage to your property. W
Warm weather also sends wasp populations skyrocketing. These winged-pests come out in search of sweets and proteins. That’s right, every picnic and barbecue that you may have are at risk of unwanted guests lurking around. Yes, Spring and Summer are times for growth so you can expect to see more pavement ants, more carpenter ants, and certainly more spiders.

Brandon Pest Control: Why Choose Toodaloo

Whether you are dealing with something as small as a flea or as large as a rat, Toodaloo can help you out. Our Brandon pest removal services have been put to the test time and time again but our pest experts always come out on top.
Toodaloo Pest Control is a Canadian owned company. Our technicians are local to your community and understand the wants and need of our neighbours and clients. That is why customer service is so important to our Toodaloo technicians. If you find yourself facing off against a pest infestation inside your home or business, you can trust Toodaloo for efficient results, produced in a timely manner.

Call today to find out how our Brandon pest control services can benefit your residential or commercial property.

Our Brandon Services :

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