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Preventing Pests

pest control

For most property owners, pest control comes along with a major infestation. While many pest removal practices operate this way, you don’t have to wait until you are overrun to address your issues. Even the minor presence of pests means that there are entry point for more to follow suit. As temperatures begin to drop, insects and rodents will go looking for shelter. If you have noticed an influx of spiders, traces of ants or signs of a rodent, call a Toodaloo technicians to cut your pest problem off at the knees.

The Key To Proper Pest Control

A successful pest control practice can be divided into assessment, treatment and preventative measures. Without properly assessing the severity of your infestation, pests can’t be removed completely and without prevention methods, they won’t stay away for long. Spotting a budding pest problem means understanding what to expect from these unwanted guests. Property damage, droppings and visual signs are always easy ways to spot an infestation. Rodents, for example, have a habit of gnawing on door frames and furniture. While these pests are a bit obnoxious, others are subtle. Calling in a professional pest removal service can help identify even the smallest signs of pests. Just because you’ve caught a cockroach or two, does not mean that your home or workplace is not up against other hidden pests. Instead of treating just one type of pest, make sure to get rid of all of them with a bit of help from Toodaloo. Once initial treatments are completed, there is nothing to do but maintain your results!

Identifying entry points around your property can be as simple as spotting an uneven door or window frame, or taking note of an opened vent. As temperatures begin to drop outdoors, pests and rodents will make a break for the warmth of indoor spaces. Preventative measures will stop insects and rodents from both entering and taking over your property. What is the best way to stop an infestation? By not letting one happen in the first place! Call a Toodaloo technician today to get your place looking great and to keep it that way!

Saskatoon Franchise Announcement

Saskatoon is known for many things, but pest infestations are not one of them – and you can thank Trent and his team of Toodaloo technicians for that. Flat terrain, unpredictable weather and ample places to set up camp, make Saskatoon communities the perfect places for pests to call home. Once inside, insects, and rodents are determined to stay put and are just about impossible to get rid of without professional help. The good news is that our Toodaloo team is available to provide prompt service and professional results every time.

Dealing with multi-legged pests has its fair share of setbacks. Most insect species are known to be incredibly quick and very sneaky, making them hard to track and even tougher to get rid of. Take cockroaches for example, getting rid of roaches takes technique and persistence. Pests like these cause damage to both health and properties. While roaches deposit bacteria, smaller insects like ants or silverfish work their way through construction materials, leading to structural damage. Booking a professional service at the first sign of pests can mean the difference between a quick service and repairs, replacements and discomfort. If you are unsure whether or not insect intruders have crept into your home or workspace, our technicians can help you identify the signs of infestation.

When it comes to booking local services, there is no downside! Larger companies become overrun and can leave clients feeling more like a number than a valued member of their community. When Toodaloo comes to the door, you can expect a proper assessment, treatment and after-care. A keen eye makes all the difference to a proper pest removal. Trent and his Toodaloo team have all the resources of a large company but the service and attention of a neighbour. With competitive rates and expert techniques, there is no one better to ditch your pests – so book your appointment today!

Click Here to view the Saskatoon Pest Control page

Seasonal Insect Problems

As pests become more active outdoors, the chance of infestation and damage to your property increases as well. No one can pinpoint the moment that pests first enter your home but you can definitely identify the moment they are out of control. It can take a long period to take notice of pests lurking around your home, but there are some tell-tale signs that you can look out for. With a few pointers from our Toodaloo technicians, you can identify and treat your pest issue with our pest removal services.

Identifying Your Problem

If you are looking up pest control sites, chances are that you have already spotted a pest or two skulking around your space. You might be able to trap an ant here or there, but there is no guarantee that you are dealing with only one type of creepy crawler. Small mounds of sawdust, rodent droppings, and even loosened wallpaper are all signs of destructive pest invasion. Most property owners can identify the visual signs of pests creeping around their home, but damage starts small and grows quickly. Spider webs are an easy thing to spot as they crowd corners but smaller, slithering pests like silverfish are tough to spot. While you are busy going about your day, these intruders are taking bites out of your personal items and even building materials. Even the smallest pest can cause a major issue over time.

Why Call Toodaloo For Your Pest Removal

Once you have identified that there are pests, all you have to do is call Toodaloo! Our experts provide in-depth assessments of the pests you already have and the possibility of re-infestation. When you choose Toodaloo for seasonal pest problems, you are not only handling your current infestation, but are looking out for the future as well.

Surviving Spiders

It is no secret that Canada is home to extreme weather. From coast to coast, Canada is dealing with insufferable heat and chills, as well as drought and flooding. It might seem complicated, but that is only because it is! For all the stress that changing weather patterns cause in humans, it is even worse for spiders. You might not give a lot of thought to the needs of the spiders in your area, but these pests are resourceful and not above borrowing from a neighbour. When you notice spiders sneaking around your home or workspace, call Toodaloo for your spider removal service.

Having spiders hiding out in your property can be both dangerous and inconvenient. Aggressive spiders are most well-known on the west coast but all over Canada, these arachnids are coating residential and commercial properties in webs and spooking tenants all over. Instead of giving these unwanted pests rule over your house, call Toodaloo to get rid of every last leg and web.

Treating for spider infestations involves more than catching the odd straggler under a boot. If you want to get rid of spiders and keep them gone, you need to discourage them from coming back. Often times, unpredictable weather can force these pests in in search of warmth or a place to dry off, but the appeal doesn’t end there. One of the biggest draws for spiders is a reliable food source. Even the smallest of pests can act as a four-course meal for a spider. By sweeping your property of spiders, their food sources and any constructions, the Toodaloo team beats your infestation every time.

Warring With Wasps

As Spring turns to Summer, you can expect to see more and more wasps flying around your property. These pests spend the first of the warm days building, sourcing food and being productive but once that is out of the way, the fun can begin! So, what counts as fun for a wasp? It might seem like these pests enjoy ruining your time outdoors but they have a very basic agenda: protein and dessert! Don’t let the diet of these pests ruin your summer fun when you can call Toodaloo instead. Calling a Toodaloo technician provides your community with safe and professional wasp removal services.

Understanding Wasps

While some pest populations can be easy to handle, wasps are the complete opposite. One of the biggest fall backs to wasp infestations is that they do not exactly travel alone. Nests can pop up just about anywhere, around any type of property. In order to keep themselves safe, wasps will often build their nests in low-traffic and out of the way areas. This means that low areas under decks can house nests, but so can roof peaks, trees, garages and even attics. Nowhere is safe from these winged-pests. When they are busy, you might forget that wasps are even an issue, but as the “to-do” list dwindles, wasps become aggressive. They might be small but wasps are extremely territorial and their stings can pack a punch. Don’t let wasps get the best of you when you can call Toodaloo for your wasp removal services.

The Perks of Professional Wasp Removal

Having a professional wasp removal service take care of your pest problem might feel like a luxury, but it is a necessary one! Trying to tackle wasp populations on your own can make for a dangerous endeavor. There is the obvious threat of stings but there is also just getting up to where you can reach these pests and their nests. When you call in our Toodaloo technicians, you are getting professional results, carried out safely with all the right technique and tools.

The Smaller The Creep, The Bigger The Headache

It is easy to underestimate those smaller pests that invade homes and workspaces. Tiny terrors can squeeze themselves into even the most seemingly unreachable areas of your property. Pests like ants, silverfish and even fleas are known to be some of the most difficult infestations to get rid of. The reasons for this tricky business of pest removal is that these intruders are both difficult to track and are keen to stick around. When it comes to insect infestations, the smaller the pest, the worse the damage. Calling Toodaloo at the first sign of pests lurking around your property can limit population size and help ditch your unwanted insects faster.

In order to properly treat an infestation, it is important to keep a bigger picture in mind. Just because you catch a glimpse of ants or cockroaches scurrying around your kitchen does not mean that those are the only areas of focus. By broadening the scope of your pest removal, our Toodaloo technicians are able to treat your infestation completely. Leaving even the smallest traces of an insect population behind can mean a re-infestation in no time. Each pest has its own way of hiding out, so it is important to know the ins-and-outs of insect behaviour. Each Toodaloo technician goes through an in-depth training process going up against a pest of any size, so these bugs don’t stand a chance!

When you choose Toodaloo for your pest control, you are not only getting results, but a full pest treatment program. Our pest experts deliver prompt, professional service that is suited to your property type and needs.

Prepping For Pigeons

As Summer gets into full swing, you might have a hard time focusing on anything that is neither sun or fun. It is easy to get caught up in nice weather and trips to the beach, but while you are crowding the boardwalk, pigeons are crowding your property. Pigeons have some of the worst bathroom habits of any pest around, so it is no wonder that they do not have a lot of support from property owners. If pigeons are leaving their mark on your home or commercial property, call Toodaloo for our pigeon control and removal services.

No matter where you roam in Canada, pigeons are present. You might recognize these pests by looks alone, or the feathers that they leave behind but these birds are most known for their droppings. Pigeon droppings leave their mark on decks, patios, balconies, cars, windows and everything in between. Finding splatter against your property or your vehicle is not a nice sight, but these materials can do a whole lot more than look poorly. Pigeons droppings are as acidic as they are unpleasant. If left sitting on surfaces, these droppings can damage the outer layers of paints, varnishes and can damage porous materials.

While pigeons might have a bad rap for all the trouble that they cause, they are still an important part of our environment. Most property owners want to stop pigeons from hanging around their property, but still want them treated humanely. If this is the boat that you are in, consider yourself in luck! At Toodaloo, humane is our middle name! By offering up options for bird deterrents instead of harsh methods, our Toodaloo technicians get rid of your pigeon problem in the friendliest way possible.

If you are looking to get rid of pigeons permanently, call Toodaloo for a pigeon removal that suits your space.

Spring brings Spiders

As temperatures take a turn for the better, it is tempting to throw open your windows or screen doors. A bit of fresh air can make the inside of your property feel like a brand new place all together. Once you have opened up those doors and windows, it is hard to close them back up again and pests will use that to their advantage!

Much like people, not all pests are designed to deal with cold temperatures. While some pests simply die off during the first cold snap, others run for cover. Leaving even the slightest opening for entry can invite in some of the trickiest and least liked pests, such as spiders, mice and rats. Once these pests get in, they breed quickly and can be a nightmare to get rid of. Rats, for instance, can squeeze into openings as small as a quarter and can navigate easily through your home or workplace. Mice, as well are able to squeeze into small spaces, gaining entry and spreading out their numbers. These pests run in behind walls and disappear into cupboards and hard to reach places, building nests and growing their populations. Instead of letting these pests take over, call Toodaloo for your pest removal needs.

Spiders might not bring physical threats into your home, but navigating through cobwebs is not exactly fun! You might find these eight-legged intruders in odd places, but once you start seeing signs of rodents, don’t hesitate to call removal experts. Having rats and mice inside your home can lead to illness as well as physical damage to your property. These pests are known to chew through pipes and wires, which can lead to leaks, floods and even electrical fires. If you have noticed chewing, droppings or even heard these pests scurrying around, call Toodaloo!

Spring Showers Bring Stubborn Pests

It might still be winter throughout parts of Canada but from east coast to west coast, moisture is in the air. This type of climate might have a negative impact on the exterior of your space but it can also mean an increase in certain pest populations. Rain showers, snow melt and even condensation can create welcoming environments for cockroaches, termites, carpenter ants and silverfish. Don’t give these insects the run of your home when a safe, effective pest removal service is only one call away!

Increased moisture in an environment benefits pest populations in two ways: by creating comfortable environments and by creating viable food sources. For pests that rely on organic materials for meals or housing, a damp environment is ideal. Termites eat their way through damp materials, making meals of dead or rotting wood outdoors but it does not take them long to make their way indoors. Carpenter ants are also known to initially create their colonies outdoors in downed wood or stumps before chewing highways into your homes interior. While these pests are busy gnawing their way inside, you might already have intruders slithering behind the scenes. Silverfish are some of the most common and destructive pests found across Canada. These pests thrive in 70% humidity or above and will eat your out of house and home, chewing up organic materials day in and day out.

Dealing with dampness and humidity is uncomfortable at the best of times but dealing with the pests that come along with it can be downright torture. Instead of letting these pests have the run of your household, call Toodaloo for your pest removal services. A pest-free home or workplace is only a phone call away!

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