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Edmonton has a booming population, with single, unattached homes selling quickly, making way for strata properties all over the city. When it comes to pest control, strata properties can be a nightmare. The close proximity of units makes for easy travel and spread of infestation. Most insects can move from place to place, often travelling far distances from their point of origin. By travelling in order to find new food sources, fleas and bed bugs and cockroaches can spread their populations. No matter how far these pests are willing to go, our technicians will go further. Our Edmonton pest control is dedicated to giving you a pest-free space.

Edmonton Pest Control : Taking Care of the Mobile Menace

The possibility of mobility is very enticing for smaller species but it attracts larger ones as well. Mice, rats and pigeons use highly populated, urban areas to their advantage, taking up refuge in homes or businesses. Toodaloo technicians have developed human and efficient methods for Edmonton pest control.

For every pest that you catch inside your home, there are one hundred more scurrying behind the scenes. Pavements ants attach themselves to the concrete foundations, sidewalks and walkways around your property while carpenter ants and termites share a common mode of transportation – through wood. While some other pests might seem like the largest worries in and around your home – these little guys can be the most damaging.

For all the things that go bump in the night, whether it be spiders, wasps, or any other type of creepy crawlers, call in to Toodaloo and let our experts, help you.

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