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Kelowna is known for its scenic landscapes, wineries and well – WINERIES. These types of properties can attract a large number of pests but our Kelowna pest control can help!

Fruit orchards and vineyards make up a large part of the city and surrounding area. As much as these sweet treats bring in tourists and enthusiasts, they are a draw for many pests as well. Rats in particular love the sweetness of fruit, especially when they are free for the taking. Wasps are also attracted to the plants associated with farms, greenhouses, orchards and natural gardens. Farming is a difficult enough job on its own without having to contend with furry thieves and the threat of stings.

Kelowna Pest Control: Residential & Commercial Properties

These areas of harvesting are not the only ones that have to contend with critters, the whole city has its own battles to fight. Nature-themed B&Bs and rustic homes are at risk of home-invasion by rats, and mice. Posing threats of property damage, food contamination and other diseases transferred by these rodents. Fleas are hitchhikers, catching rides on animals when available, including those ones that sneak into your home. One issue, such as mice can lead way to even more issues, including the presence of ticks. They are sneaky, they are thorough and extremely difficult to get rid of. In much the same way as bed bugs, fleas enter the home or business, lay their eggs and spread populations out around the living space, feeding on humans or animals as often as they can. Lucky for our clients, we can get rid of both!

Our Toodaloo technicians are your Kelowna pest control specialists, ridding you of the things that hide behind walls, carpenter and pavement ant removal, termite extermination and those things that go bump in the night like silverfish or cockroaches.

Our Kelowna Services :

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