Mount Pearl Pest Removal

Coastal cities have always had an issue keeping their pest problems at bay. This has never been more true than it is for rodents. Historically, rats, mice and other rodents have had a nasty habit of stowing away on ships and taking over harbours on landing. This habit has led to some large-scale problems in the past but today, Toodaloo has got your back. Our Mount Pearl pest removal can handle your rodent problem with expert service, in a timely manner.

Mount Pearl Pest Removal: These Pests Don’t Stand A Chance

Rodents are not the only pests that you need to worry about if you live near water. If there is one thing that pests love almost as much as scraps and crumbs, it is moisture. Silverfish in particular take advantage of the damp and humid nature of this town. Carpenter ants, pavement ants, roaches and even termites prefer to be in a damp environment. This means a lot of extra work for property owners in the area. For years, Toodaloo has been partnering with Canadian home or business owners to manage pest populations.

While some of your household pests thrive in damp environments, some only care about where they are getting their next meal. Fleas and bed bugs enter homes and business with the sole intention of making your blood their breakfast. These bites will cover you in itching bites and swollen spots but they are not as painful as the sting from a wasp.

Toodaloo can do it all when it comes for your Mount Pearl pest removal. Whether you are dealing with pests as small as ants or as large as pigeons, our highly trained technicians have you covered!

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