Penticton Pest Control

Penticton was inhabited by insects and rodents long before people came onto the scene. We have built homes, and cultivated the land, but now that we are here, they are being uncooperative neighbours. Our Toodaloo technicians are expertly trained pest removal specialists, and are able to help you keep the outdoor elements, such as rodents and bugs, outside! When pests are becoming a problem, call Toodaloo for our Penticton pest control.

Penticton Pest Control: Ditching Pests Great & Small

Insects can enter your home in any number of ways. It could be by catching a ride on clothing or pets, burrowing through building materials or just sneaking in through opened windows, doors or cracks.

Ants, might be the smallest of most household pests. These pests can burrow in through wooden materials, as we have seen through the habits of carpenter ants and termites. Some of these can even take flight, like the carpenter ant. Ants take off in order to find a suitable place to establish satellite colonies. Once they find a new home, they ditch their wings and move on in.

Toodaloo pest and wildlife control is familiar with all of them, the ins and outs of how insects travel and are well-versed not only in getting rid of pests but in keeping them out as well. All of our technicians are local, so you can expect a timely response to any need for our pest removal services.

Whether it be larger rodents like rats, or mice; feathered like a pigeons; nocturnal like a cockroach or bed bugs or evasive like fleas, spiders or wasps, Toodaloo can get them out. Our Penticton pest control knows how important a clean space is. That is why we carry out your pest control services in the most timely manner possible.

Our Penticton Services :

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