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Residents from all over Saskatchewan flock to the provincial capital, and why wouldn’t they? With a large population, great restaurants and attractions, Regina is a hub of activity. In the same way that the city attracts human visitors, it attracts pests as well. Luckily, Toodaloo and our particular brand of Regina pest control is here to save the day.

Over the years, certain types of pests have figured out that it is easier to coexist. Instead of living independently in nature, pests can easily mooch off of humans. Rather than letting these insects and rodents take advantage of residents, Toodaloo can perform your Regina pest control or extermination.

Regina Pest Control: All The Right Tools For The Job

Our Toodaloo technicians are able to reach these pests wherever they may be hiding. Spiders, cockroaches, silverfish and pavement ants hide behind walls and in dark places. They might hide, but they cannot outrun our Toodaloo technicians. Some pests will hide in more creative places, like the seams of furniture, mattresses or rugs but these fleas, bed bugs, aren’t fooling us. There is no pest too small and no rodent too large as our technicians are prepared to remove your rats, mice, pigeons and wasps and even the pests hiding behind the scenes like termite and carpenter ants.

Call in today to speak with one of our expert Toodaloo technicians and set up your Regina pest removal today. Trusting our technicians with your home, is a sound investment. We have extensive experience in the field and the same level of care that you can expect from any friend or neighbour. We are a group of local residents with a set of skills that we want to share within our community. Any burden that comes along with your infestation can be wiped away with our Regina pest control. Our expert technicians are waiting for your call.

Our Regina Services :

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