Saskatoon Pest Control


Saskatoon Pest Control

Toodaloo offers expert pest control services in the Saskatoon area, helping you to keep pests and wildlife outside. There is no telling where some of these pests come from but one thing is certain - that pest removal is necessary! Instead of leaving property owners to fend for themselves against insects, rodents and even birds, our pest control specialists are dedicated to eliminating infestations. There is no one better to take care of Saskatoon homes and businesses than our highly trained and equipped technicians. Each and every service is designed with efficiency in mind and takes the least invasive approach possible. Treating tricky insects no longer means ruined walls or destroyed floors when you trust your Saskatoon pest control specialists.

Saskatoon Pest Control


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Saskatoon Pest Control


Nestled within the prairie grasslands, Saskatoon is home to many people, but also a sampling of the local wildlife and other, smaller critters. As Saskatchewan’s largest city. it should come as no surprise that wildlife control and pest removal are in high demand. When you begin to notice uninvited guests scurrying around your home or workspace, it is time to call Toodaloo. The experienced removal specialists at Toodaloo are your answer to long-term integrated pest management. Whether large or small, any sort of insect or rodent is bad news for your property. While bugs are not picky about their living environment – you should be! There is never a bad time to enlist a professional service for your Saskatoon pest control.

The Pros of Professional Saskatoon Pest Control

There are no redeeming qualities to having pests posted up in your living space. While it is easy to see that they are bad for your property, proper extermination is harder to see clearly. There are many ins-and-outs to proper removal that basic traps and poisons can’t cover. In order to be effective, proper extermination techniques cover both seen and unseen areas of your home or workspace. Spotting larger rodents, like rats or mice might seem easy enough, but keen eyes are necessary for those trickier intruders. Bed bugs, fleas and silverfish are prime examples of those unseen insects that wreak havoc on properties. These pests ingrain themselves into difficult areas, hunkering down and spreading populations all over your home. Trying your hand at ineffective removal practices only prolongs the time that you have to spend with these tiny terrors.

saskatoon pest control

When you choose a professional pest control company, like Toodaloo, you can rest assured that services are fast, safe, professional and completely insured. At Toodaloo, damage control is the name of the game, operating safely to ensure no unnecessary issues arise for our staff or your property. With local technicians behind every service, our pest control experts understand the needs of our communities and are invested in the outcomes of each Saskatoon pest removal. Locally owned and operated companies mean that you won’t be left waiting for relief of your insect and rodent woes.

Exterminating The Competition

Let’s face it: no one likes having vermin in their building. Even the most passionate animal lover does not want to be sharing a living space with rats, mice or even ants! It is with this in mind that Toodaloo has created a full-service plan for your integrated pest management. When you choose Toodaloo, you are getting a treatment plan that not only eliminates your infestation, but one that plans for the future. Prevention and aftercare techniques are just as important for results as the treatment itself. Letting our professionals address problem entry points around your property means the difference between kicking insects and vermin out and keeping them out. This full-service approach to in the Saskatoon area, sets our specialists apart from the pack. Instead of learning to live with invasive species, have our Toodaloo technicians keep your home or business free of vermin, rodents, and bugs!



Our Toodaloo technicians are fully trained in various methods of pest removal and extermination, capable of handling any job, of any size, professionally and efficiently. Unlike some other pest control companies our removal solutions are environmentally friendly so you know that there are no harmful chemicals being sprayed throughout your home.

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