Airdrie Carpenter Ant Control & Removal

Carpenter ants are a very real, and very serious threat, that home owners and business owners must face. However, they do not have to face it alone. Toodaloo is here to offer Airdrie carpenter ant control and removal where it is needed. So there is no need to worry.

Typically, carpenter ants will have both a parent nest situated outside somewhere, as well as additional satellite nests. Their parent nests will often be in places such a stumps or logs, or even outdoor decorative landscape wood. They initiate the satellite nests when when the parent nest grows too large and they want to expand their colony outwards. Once they have made a new nest, they move the young pupae and larvae there. In order to tackle a carpenter ant infestation, one needs to consider all of the nests so the problem does not return.

Carpenter ants are mainly a problem because of their need to chew up soft woods to make their tunnels. They can therefore cause damage to outdoor areas like patios, roof shingles, wooden signs, and more. Inside, they can attack furniture, counters, doors, and so on. Houses and other buildings which incorporate a lot of wood are more at risk. Over time, these ants can cause enough destruction to the wood that the structural integrity of the property may be at risk.

Airdrie Carpenter Ant Control & Removal: Taking Back the House

To avoid replacing your current fixtures and more, and escape future costs of replacing them, rely on our pest control technicians to take care of the problem now instead. We use safe, environmentally friendly methods. And our techniques will accurately locate the ant nests with thermal imaging and injection rods to ensure there are not multiple holes in your walls or floors when we are done.

When these ants make an appearance, we can make them disappear. Just give us a call at 1-844-TOODALOO (866-3250).

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