Airdrie Wasp Control & Removal

We will most often see wasps during the warmer months of the year, between late spring to early autumn. During this time, they will be out all the time and frequently become aggressive, especially when there is food involved. To keep them away, your best bet is using Toodaloo’s Airdrie wasp control removal service.

Wasps build their nests earlier on, in the spring. Later, wasps will come out to forage for food to bring back to the rest of the hive. They prefer to eat sweet things like ripe fruit, ice cream, and so on, or meats and other sources of proteins, including dead insects. If they come across animals or people when they are searching for food, things may get ugly.

Not only are wasp stings very painful, but they can trigger allergic reactions in people who are sensitive to their venom. Even people without allergies can have a fatal reaction if they are stung enough. For the average adult, this means roughly thirty or so stings. And unlike bees, a wasp can sting multiple times. So you don’t even need to incur the wrath of the whole hive to be in danger. Sometimes, people stumble across nests by accident and cannot avoid bothering these bugs, but if you are able, try not to disturb wasp nests at all. It is always better and safer to leave it to trained professionals.

Airdrie Wasp Control & Removal: Feel Safe Again

All of our pest and wildlife control technicians can deal with wasp nests and the wasps themselves, no matter the numbers or the location of the hive. That way, you and your property can stay safe and stress-free. We have all of the equipment and gear needed to accurately get rid of the wasp population.

So if these pests are buzzing about your property, give us a call. You can reach us at 1-844-TOODALOO (866-3250).

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