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March 26, 2020

Barrie Cockroach Control & Removal

Barrie Cockroach Control & Removal

Cockroach infestations are not only unpleasant - they can be fatal! These seemingly indestructible insects impact digestive and respiratory health and can even mean sepsis! Roaches squat, scuttle and squeeze into tough to reach spaces, hiding out and spreading bacteria and droppings all over the place. For every cockroach that you catch sight of, there are another ten hiding behind the scenes. Don’t spend another day relying on inefficient gel baits or traps when Toodaloo has got you covered.
Barrie Cockroach Control & Removal


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Cockroaches: could they get any more disgusting? These insects are responsible for making countless people sick by spreading germs and their own organic matter. People can also have allergic reactions to them or have their asthma aggravated by their very presence. For all Barrie cockroach control and removal, Toodaloo is ready to help.

If there’s anything worse than having cockroaches in your vicinity, we have yet to find it. Cockroaches are disease-carrying, food-stealing, impossible-to-kill bugs, and we want no part of them. You probably feel the same way. Especially seeing as they leave behind a whole slew of bacteria that can seriously harm humans, such as Pseudomonas Aeruginosa – this can cause urinary tract infections, digestive problems, and sepsis.

When you hear those cockroaches skittering about your home or place of business, call Toodaloo. It is better to contact us sooner than later. But we will handle the infestation whether it is small or large. And if it is at the residential scale, the commercial, or the industrial, we don’t care. All that matters to us is helping you. You can trust us to get rid of those roaches with ease and professionalism.

Barrie Cockroach Control & Removal: So What Now?

Part of the problem with trying to get rid of cockroaches is they are immune to many treatments. And they can live for a long time off of cardboard, plants, other cockroaches, and their own moulted skin or excrement. However, our technicians are experienced in the most effective of cockroach removal methods.  We will remove the bugs, carcasses, droppings and larvae. We will also identify the possible entry point locations and set the groundwork for preventative measures. At Toodaloo, we want to make sure those roaches never bother you again.

Call us at 1-844-TOODALOO (866-3250) and we will set up an appointment for your cockroach removal as soon as possible.


Cockroaches QUICKLY!

Our Toodaloo technicians are fully trained in various methods of pest removal and extermination, capable of handling any job, of any size, professionally and efficiently. Unlike some other pest control companies our removal solutions are environmentally friendly so you know that there are no harmful chemicals being sprayed throughout your home.

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