Barrie Rat Control & Removal

Anyone who has had to deal with rats can tell you: it’s no walk in the park. However, it can be with Toodaloo’s Barrie rat control and removal. No one wants wild rats in the same place that they live or work. They are dirty, smelly, loud creatures that can be a risk to both your health and your safety. No thanks!

There are a few different kinds of rats which live in Canada, but the two most common concerns are the roof rat and the Norway rat. The first is small and can easily access drains, vents, holes in the roof or flooring, and so on. The latter is a larger breed, but can still get into your building if given an opportunity. Either one though is able to damage a human structure with their claws and teeth. They can get into insulation, food stores, wiring, and so on. Wherever they choose to hide or make their nests, their presence will still affect people’s health, because they are covered in germs and possibly fleas and other parasites.

Barrie Rat Control & Removal: Get to Know Your Local Defense Team

For any citygoer, rats are a common sight. They are harder to put up with though when they invade your home or business. So when you suspect rats of being in or even around your residence or workplace, just give us a shout. Our technicians are capable of tracking down all rats and disposing of them and all the nasty traces they leave behind.

Toodaloo is a Canadian-owned company, and all of our employees are trained professionals who have both knowledge and experience under their belts. We’re never unprepared, and we can be trusted to get the job done.

Call 1-844-TOODALOO (866-3250) to set up an appointment or book it online. Those rats will be out of your hair at long last.

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