Barrie Silverfish Control & Removal

Although they are extraordinarily common pests, silverfish sure do have a way of sneaking up on people. Technically, they are harmless. But while they may not bite or otherwise directly harm humans, they can do a number on homes and food supplies. Toodaloo offers Barrie silverfish control and removal so that you can fight back against this largely unseen enemy.

How Silverfish Can be a Bigger Nuisance Than You Think

Because they prefer cool, damp places, if you spot one it will typically be near a sink, tub, or other area with a drains or pipes. They can be identified by their long, tapered bodies, long antennae and tails, and the wiggling motion that, coupled with their shiny scales, make them look a little like fish. They will happily munch on wallpaper paste, glue, paper materials, cardboard, and more. However, they can also live without food for months at a time. If you leave your silverfish alone for too long, they can damage a great number of things in your home or business.

Silverfish are a creepy, slimy little menace to people and their living or work spaces. If you don’t want these insects feeding off of your belongings and possibly damaging them beyond repair as well, contact Toodaloo. We know how to help, and we’re never too far away.

Barrie Silverfish Control & Removal: Toodaloo is Here to Help

If you spot one of these little insects wriggling about behind bookshelves, in your bathtub, or anywhere else on your property, call the professionals at Toodalo. Our technicians are experts in silverfish removal, and will clear out all of these fishy-looking bugs. We can find them even when others cannot, which means we can fully access the whole problem and deal with it accordingly.

To set up an appointment or ask us more about our silverfish removal process, just call us at 1-844-TOODALOO (866-3250).

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