Brampton Carpenter Ant Control & Removal

Sometimes, pests work (and thrive) behind the scenes. Or behind the walls, even, as is the case with carpenter ants. These insects will specifically target the structure of a building, or any other area that is largely composed of wood. To stop this unasked-for demolition of your property, contact Toodaloo. We provide Brampton carpenter ant control and  removal for all of your carpenter ant needs.

Although they are often confused with termites because they both destroy the wooden components of homes and businesses, carpenter ants differ from them in a few ways. For one thing, they do not actually eat the wood, unlike termites. They simply chew it up and leave behind a material which closely resembles sawdust.

Carpenter ants are a little bit different from other ants in that they have one parent nest as well as multiple satellite nests. Normally, this would make eliminating the entirety of the ant population more difficult. However, we will always thoroughly search the area and ascertain the locations of all nests. We will also remove possible food sources, seal up entry points, and sanitize the area. We do our best to keep those ants from coming back.

Brampton Carpenter Ant Control & Removal: How Toodaloo can Help You

Our technicians know a lot when it comes to carpenter ants. We also have all of the necessary gear to deal with them without having to resort to drilling multiple holes in your walls to find them. Instead, we use thermal imaging and injection rods. There is no guessing here. We use foolproof , or ant-proof, methods for the best possible results. Our technicians are not only friendly and punctual, but efficient and dependable.

When having tiny insects in your home becomes too much, call on your local team of professionals at Toodaloo. Just call us at 1-844-TOODALOO (866-3250) to book your appointment, or book it online.

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