Brampton Pigeon Control & Removal

Since pigeons are commonplace in the city, it can be hard to tell sometimes if it has become a problem. When in doubt, you can contact Toodaloo. We will handle any size pigeon population before or after it has become a significant issue for your home or business. Come to us for the best in Brampton pigeon control and removal.

If there is anything in Brampton dirtier than a pigeon, we have not had the misfortune of running across it. Pigeons are not only unclean, either, but are notorious disease carriers. They will often have small parasitic bugs on them, as well as an unending amount of germs, both of which can be responsible for spreading illness to human beings. In some cases of Psittacosis, for instance, the infected person may fall victim to severe pneumonia.

Besides the obvious distress they can cause as disease carriers, pigeons can also terrorize home owners and business owners alike simply by hanging around their properties. There droppings, for instancce, are somewhat acidic, to the point that over time, they become corrosive. That means stains and worn away paint and other coated materials. If you want to avoid having to do repairs and heavy duty cleaning in the future because of a few mindless pigeons, then be sure to call us.

Brampton Pigeon Control & Removal: Don’t Hesitate – Call Toodaloo

Our technicians are exceedingly knowledgeable when it comes to pest control and wildlife services. We will make sure to take every possible precaution so that pigeons don’t choose your building as a roosting spot. At the same time, though, our methods are always safe and humane, as well as environmentally friendly. We put care into our work for the sake of all that are involved.

Pigeons don’t have to be an issue. Get birds off your mind and call us at 1-844-TOODALOO (866-3250) to book your appointment.

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