Brampton Wasp Control & Removal

Just like bees and mosquitoes, wasps can bother people pretty much year-round. But wasps are far more likely to do damage to you or your property than either of the first two. When you need Brampton wasp control and removal done right, come to Toodaloo, your local, Canadian-owned pest control company. We can handle anything, and we’re just around the corner!

Wasps are related to ants, and therefore are very similar in some ways. They have nests, queens, workers and foragers. The latter are the ones which leave the nest to search for food. For wasps, this means sweet things, meat, and other insects or other bugs. Because they are naturally more predatory than ants or bees, they are more aggressive. And unlike bees, which will die after one sting, wasps can sting multiple times. This is not good news for us, who most often have all the foods that wasps like best.

Even if it doesn’t come down to them stealing our food, simply having a nest in the area can lead to stings from them. They are far from being shy insects, and will explore the entire area in their search for food. They can end up stinging animals and people, and for those with allergies, their stings can be much worse. Those who have anaphylactic reactions should be extremely cautious, and seek medical attention right away in the case of a wasp sting.

Brampton Wasp Control & Removal: Get the Wasps to Buzz Off!

All of our technicians train for each and every different kind of pest removal service that we offer, and wasps are no exception. We know how to handle the nests, the stings, as well as the wasps themselves. You just leave everything to us.

For efficient and friendly service that will make a lasting impact, call us at 1-844-TOODALOO (866-3250). You can book your apppointment with us online or over the phone.

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