Brandon Carpenter Ant Control & Removal

When it comes to infestations in your homes, some are more obvious than others. Carpenter ants fall into the category of the less noticeable. These less work behind the scenes to create a nice home environment for themselves. Hard work, a nice meal and a roof over their heads, it is like the ant version of the Canadian Dream. The only trouble is that in order to achieve this dream, ants are nightmares for humans! If it is time to send pests packing from your space, call Toodaloo for your Brandon carpenter ant control and removal.

How Much Damage Can An Ant Really Do?

Ants may be small but they are mighty! Carpenter ants begin their lives outside, normally around dead or rotting wood. They occupy a large “parent” colony until it becomes too small to accommodate the population. Winged ants take off from parent colonies in order to find new and viable places to set up satellite colonies. If one of these satellite colonies happens to be inside your home or business, you are in for a world of trouble. Once these carpenter ants make their way inside, they waste no time chewing through sound wood around your space. Ants bother grow and direct their populations behind the scenes. Behind walls and under floors, ants can work without interruption over long periods. During this time, carpenter ants hollow out wooden beams or cellulose based materials.

Brandon Carpenter Ant Control & Removal: Why Choose Toodaloo?

There are plenty of pest control companies out there in the world and carpenter ants are standard household pests. Before you choose one of those first pest control companies in the phone book, you should know what goes into carpenter ant removal. These ants creep into the interior of your homes’ building materials. This means that finding satellite colonies requires digging into the area behind walls. This is why Toodaloo technicians use state of the art equipment such as thermal imagine and injection rods. These tools allow technicians to remove your ant problem without creating multiple drill holes into walls and materials.

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