Brandon Mouse Control & Removal

Chances are that, at some point in your lifetime, you will have lied awake at night, listening to the sounds of scratching of mice. They might be running through attics or behind walls but, more often than not, when something goes bump in the night – these rodents are the culprit. The pest removal experts at Toodaloo want to help you rest easy with our Brandon mouse control and removal.

Mice In Friendly Manitoba

In a land-locked city like Brandon, it is no surprise to find mice lurking around outdoors. Mice thrive in opened, agricultural areas like the outskirts of the city itself but it does not take long for them to find their way indoors. Manitoba, as a whole has a reputation for extreme weather. Humans will, of course, notice the jump from below freezing to sweltering hot but they are not the only ones. As temperatures drop, mice will go looking for a place to keep warm and where better than inside your home?

Brandon Mouse Control & Removal: Do Not Hesitate

When mice make their way inside, they waste no time taking over your living space. These rodents begin to contaminate your food supplies and your air quality right away. When you are sharing a kitchen space with mice, they begin to sneak into your food stores, gnawing or chewing their way in and leaving saliva behind. In addition to saliva and bacteria from their paws, mice leave droppings and urine behind as well. When these materials dry out and become airborne, they release new toxins into the air. These airborne bacteria can lead to hantavirus and other dangerous respiratory disease.

Instead of going toe to toe with these tiny terrors, let Toodaloo handle your mouse dilemma. Call today to find out how you property can become mouse-free through our Brandon mouse removal services.

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