Brandon Pigeon Control & Removal

Pigeons are not always a common sight in smaller towns or cities, but as Brandon grows, so does its bird population. On the outside, pigeons might not be considered the scariest of household pests but they should be! Pigeons are carriers of disease and bacteria and are highly destructive. When these birds crop up around your property call Toodaloo for your Brandon pigeon control and removal.

Pigeon Problems

If you have wondered why you do not see pigeons crowding around backyard bird feeders, the answer is simple: Their diets have changed over the years! Who wants bird seed when you can have a few french fries? Instead of standard feeding, pigeons are enjoying a lavish life of picking up scraps. By sticking close to large human populations, pigeons have easy access to discarded food and tons of trash. Pigeons are not proud creatures and have no problem finding their meals in landfills or dumpsters. When you see pigeons sharing your space, there is a lot of bacteria left behind. Having pigeons on balconies or patios does more than make way for incessant cooing.
Germs are always present with any sort of pigeon population but bacteria is not all that they leave behind. Pigeon droppings are unpleasant to look at but they are more than ugly! Pigeon droppings are highly acidic and are corrosive over time. This means that leaving these stains out on your property can strip paint or degrade materials.

Brandon Pigeon Control & Removal: A Humane Approach

Pigeons are stubborn, persistent and, above all things, hungry! So, how do you get rid of them? When swatting doesn’t work and spraying is a temporary fix, how can you keep these pigeons away? Toodaloo has partnered up with Bird B Gone to find a solution to your pigeon issues. Instead of exhausting temporary issues, our systems utilize landing and perching deterrents to keep these birds away. Without a comfortable place to perch or nest, pigeons need to find somewhere else to relax! This keeps the birds away all on their own!

Call Toodaloo Pest and Wildlife Control to find out to keep those pigeons away with our Brandon pigeon removal.

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