Brandon Rat Control & Removal

It is hard to deny that rat’s have a bad reputation. These rodents can be soft, cuddly and all around loving. However,those are a domesticated rats, and not the sort that you find creeping around your attics or basements. If you are dealing with an infestation in your home or home or business, chances are, it is the less-liked Roof or Norway rats. No matter the type, our Brandon rat control and removal can get rid of them for you.

Brandon Rat Control & Removal: Knowing Your Enemy

When you think of rats, there are plenty of images that can come to mind. Rat imagery can come from anywhere to cartoons to halloween decorations but seeing them up close and personal is something else entirely. If you catch a glimpse of a rat around your property there is a good chance that these determined pests are going to find a way inside – and that is if they haven’t already! Calling at the first sign of rat activity enables our Toodaloo technicians to assess your risks and identify your pests.

Around Canada, there are two main types of rats that you need to worry about: The Norway rat and the roof rat. These rats are distinguishable primarily by their size. Roof rats are smaller and more nimbler than their chubby counterparts. These roof rats can gain access to your home or business from the upper levels of the structure. If you are thinking, “how do they get up there?” you are not alone! Roof rats are much more graceful that you might expect. These rodents have great balance and can access high entry points through climbing over wiring or even directly up pipes and vents.

Norway rats are larger and heavier, with a tendency to stick close to the ground. They slide in through openings in foundations or exterior materials or through openings such as air conditioner vents.

If you feel that rats have taken over your property, do not hesitate to call Toodaloo for your Brandon rat control and removal. These pests breed quickly but quick thinking and the right team can prevent a full-scale take over!

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