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The diversity of Canadian cities has made it possible for arachnid populations to thrive and Brandon is no exception. The marriage of urban and agricultural in the area makes this prairie region, a spider’s playground. These pests are fine when left in the wilderness but when they begin taking over your property, call Toodaloo. Your Brandon spider control and removal is in good hands with our Toodaloo technicians.

Spiders come in all shapes and sizes, some of which are downright intimidating! It is rare for spiders to be aggressive to humans. In fact, spiders seem almost indifferent to their two-legged hosts. Spider populations boom in warm weather. This makes spring and summer primetime to spot these eight-legged pests. Spiders are out in full force during warm weather but as temperatures begin to change, they need to go somewhere! Spiders can find their way inside in any number of ways. Once they are in, here is one way to get them out: Our Toodaloo technicians!

Brandon Spider Control & Removal: The Toodaloo Technique

The Toodaloo approach to spider removal comes in stages. The first of these is assessment and elimination. Spiders are creatures of habit and tend to occupy the same general spaces across households. Attics, basements, closets, are all regular stomping grounds for spiders.

There are thousands of species of spiders out there in the world but when it comes to their habits, they can be summed up in two categories. Those who creates webs to catch prey and those who wait for prey to come to them. The easiest way to discourage spiders from occupying your space is to remove their comforts. By de-webbing their existing construction projects and exterminating their food source, there is nothing to keep spiders around. Toodaloo also strives to prevent re-infestation by blocking up entry points.

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