Brandon Termite Extermination

Unlike some other pests in and around your property, termites creep, crawl and chew – all behind the scenes. Taking care of your property is hard enough without a team of demolition experts working against you. When you need help to give these critters their walking papers, trust in our Brandon termite extermination.

What To Expect From These Pests

Termites ordinarily begin their infestation outdoors, creating colonies in aged or rotting wood. One single termite can eat up to thirteen pounds of wood or cellulose material per year. What the heck is cellulose? Cellulose is a natural material. Wood, natural textiles and furniture all contain cellulose. That is a wide range of food sources and a lot of chewable materials! Although that is a lot of material on its own, termites never travel on their own. Termite nests number in the hundreds of thousands. Now that is a lot of wood! When the accessible dead or rotting wood outside becomes occupied or used up, termites will move into the sound wood around your property. This is bad news for the structural integrity of your home of business.

Brandon Termite Extermination: Our Methods

Although termites can eat a lot, don’t be surprised if they go unnoticed for long periods. Because these insects are so difficult to track behind the scenes, our Toodaloo technicians are outfitted with all the best tools to play ‘hide and seek’. With professional imaging tools, our technicians can monitor high traffic areas and find satellite colonies. These tools can also reduce damage to your space by eliminating the need to drill into walls in order to properly see the patterns of these unwelcome guests. Surface sprays also do little to eliminate the breeding and spreading of termites. These sprays are simply being sent out into your space without really being effective. That is why Toodaloo technicians use injection rods to insert removal agents directly into high traffic areas and colonies.

Take the guess work out of your Brandon termite extermination by calling in our Toodaloo technicians.

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