Burlington Carpenter Ant Control & Removal

There are few bugs sneakier than ants. They can get under doors and windows, into cracks in foundation, and carpenter ants have a penchant for biting their way through wood to make tunnels. Toodaloo performs Burlington carpenter ant control and removal services so you can sleep soundly, with the knowledge that your house is free of these damaging insects. Although ants come in legions, you can dispose of them easily enough, as long as you know the right treatments that is. After all, ants are simply bugs, with simple hive minds and basic needs.

Ants of all sorts need food and water, but carpenter ants in particular like to make their home in damp and decaying wood. However, it is good too keep in mind that, for them, solid wood will do in a pinch. Carpenter ants are like termites in a few ways, but they are not actually wood-eaters. They only bite through wood, leaving piles of wood dust behind. However, this may not make much of a difference to the structures they chew through, since they will still be riddled with holes and their integrity could be compromised. Dust or no dust, carpenter ants need to go.

Burlington Carpenter Ant Control & Removal: How Toodaloo Can Help You

In order to say goodbye to these destructive insects for good, it is best to rely on professionals. At Toodaloo, we will go the extra mile to seek out the ants’ satellite nests with tools specific to the job at hand. We will promise you that the destruction ends here. By using thermal imaging, as well as injection rods, we will get the best results in finding ants and their colonies. We will take the steps necessary to fully separate all colonies and deal with them individually so that the problem does not come back.

To avoid long-term damage from carpenter ants, call Toodaloo at 1-844-TOODALOO (866-3250) and book an appointment with our technicians.

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