Calgary Bed Bug Control & Removal

Calgary tourism can be summed up in two words: Calgary Stampede. It draws in thousands of patrons each year but also drastically increases the threat and spread of bed bugs. Increased travel and tourism encourages contamination in hotels, B&Bs, and even person to person contamination, luckily our Toodaloo technicians can perform your Calgary bed bug control and removal at several levels, including residential, commercial and strata.

Calgary Bed Bug Removal: Keeping Your Name Clean

As one of Canada’s capital cities, many local businesses thrive on their reputations. This is very true within the hospitality industry. One found bug is enough to leave a bad taste in consumer’s mouths, leading to bad reviews.

Bed bugs do not discriminate when it comes to their transportation, latching on and moving with their host. If bed bugs in your home wasn’t enough to make your skin crawl, think of your guests or customers. Stopping in for a quick visit to your store can give them far more than they bargained for.

Acting quickly, at the first signs of infestation can make a huge difference in your Calgary bed bug removal. This is not only for yourself but for those around you as well. As populations thrive, bed bugs will willingly take over your home, using you as a walking blood bag.

There have been nearly 600 cases of bed bugs reported within the Calgary/Edmonton area and if you think they are resigned to low-income or heavily wooded areas – guess again. These insects have left their mark on hotels in the area as well as being the driving force behind the closure of two movie theatres within the last couple years.

Left untreated, infestations can become large-scale problems and even more difficult to combat. Call today to speak to one of our technicians about your Calgary bed bug control and removal.

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