Calgary Carpenter Ant Control & Removal

Calgary springs and summers are beginning earlier, making an excellent environment for carpenter ants to thrive. However they might try, Toodaloo is here to kick them out with our Calgary carpenter ant  control and removal services. Property owners no longer have to worry about ants eating away their homes and businesses.

Due to its record lows and frigid winters, Calgary properties are built tough. Residential and commercial spaces need to stand up against cold. As a result, they are better prepared to keep the ants out than many other cities. Pressure-treated materials make up a large part of building materials within the city limits. These materials are used to control and decrease the shifting that occurs in extreme temperatures as they cool and heat. These, along with concrete buildings stop carpenter ants from burrowing in, however it is still possible.

Calgary Carpenter Ant Removal: Caring For Heritage Homes

Those properties most at risk are older structures with aging materials and cabin-styles homes with wood being the primary building material. Buildings in heavily forested areas are the most at risk, as carpenter ants make their parent nests inside dead or rotting wood, whether it be a stash of firewood, a tree stump or simply a fallen tree. Satellite colonies spread inward by sending winged workers out. These workers burrow into wood, leaving behind a thin sawdust material, and forming their colonies behind walls.

The craftiness of this process shows a lot of insect-ingenuity. They might be smart but – our Toodaloo technicians are smarter! All of our services use environmentally friendly techniques to rid homes completely. Trying to remove carpenter ants without the help of a professional is like picking a needle out of a hay stack. Basic treatments cannot cover all of the hiding spaces that these ants occupy.

Call today to book an appointment for your Calgary carpenter ant control and removal.

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