Calgary Flea Control & Removal

The best way to prevent a fleas in your home or business is, not to get them in the first place! However, it not always so simple. For every unfortunate case, our Calgary flea control and removal services are available.

Fleas might be basic insects but they pose big problems when they enter into your space. Fleas enter your home, hitchhiking on your pets and sometimes even on you! Unlike checking for other bloodsucking pests like ticks or leeches, fleas are hard to spot. In fact, it can be nearly impossible to check yourself or the family dog every time you enter home. They are dark, flat, wingless and capable of jumping long distances. High temperatures as well as a humid climate encourage population growth in pests. This puts a damper on fans of camping and hiking!

Calgary Flea Removal: Servicing Residential & Commercial Properties

Fleas do not discriminate against types of homes or businesses but are able to live anywhere. Fleas are anywhere that there is a viable source of food for them. During their time as invaders, fleas can cause severe household issues for you and your pets – the most obvious being their bites.

Flea bites can cause severe itching in humans and can cause swelling and pain in animals. In addition to these bites, fleas are known to transmit other diseases as well, such as tapeworms and, historically – the black plague.

A warm blooded food source is all that a flea really needs and when a human one, or a pet, is not available, they move on to the next. Rodents are not a fun group to have around, rats in particular, as they are invasive, menacing, dirty and responsible for one of the largest spreading viruses in modern history, but look no further than the flea for the real culprit.

The days are gone where anyone need be afraid of the plague, but the threat of fleas are very real. In your area and in your home, trust Toodaloo and our Calgary flea control and removal service.

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