Calgary Mouse Control & Removal

Calgary has a system for keeping rats away. In fact, the city even has an agricultural task force assigned to rid the province of rodents! Mice, on the other hand are not as easily managed. Luckily. our Calgary mouse control and removal is always available with Toodaloo. Our trained technicians get these scurrying pests away from your property.

Although there has been an increase in mouse activity over the last several years, 2016 marks a new era of mice in Calgary. Warmer temperatures throughout the winter and summer months have left mouse populations larger, giving them more time to forage for food and begin to produce litters.

As mice enter homes or businesses, in search of food, shelter or water, they bring many health hazards inside with them. They may be small but mice can still be frightening to the right audiences but what they leave behind is a much greater risk to your home and health.

Calgary Mouse Removal: Tracking Down Stealthy Intruders

Mice can move about your property, virtually unnoticed until it is too late and you are fully infested. The clean up during an infestation is not only unpleasant, but can be dangerous as well. Mice are not organized in their ‘bathroom’ practices’ and will leave their droppings and urine wherever it falls. Bacteria and disease is not transmitted through the presence of these droppings and urine alone. The clean up can be just as damaging as the dropping themselves. When breathed in the dust and remnants can cause hantavirus as well as other serious and sometimes life-threatening diseases.

Toodaloo pest and wildlife services provides a well-rounded Calgary mouse removal, eliminating the problem quickly and effectively. Speaking with our Toodaloo technicians can answer any questions you may have. This includes details about getting rid of the mice themselves and about preventative and after-care for your property as well.

Call today to speak with one of our representatives and we’ll get started on your Calgary mouse control and removal.

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