Calgary Pigeon Control & Removal

Birds are a part of Calgary’s natural landscape but the presence of pigeons within city limits can be a pain. That is where our Toodaloo technicians and our Calgary pigeon control and removal services come in.

Unlike some other notable birds that make their homes in Canada, pigeons do not migrate. Instead of heading south, these birds brave the chilly Calgary winters, finding local spots to nest.

The principal annoyance associated with pigeons, is of course the most obvious, the droppings. On commercial properties, it is an eyesore and can derail foot traffic. The outside of your business is the first impression that you give customers, potential or regular. You want to make sure that these impressions are positive and not influenced by the bathroom habits of wild animals.

Calgary Pigeon Removal: More Than Meets The Eye

For residential properties, pigeons bring a host of other issues besides just droppings. Because they do not migrate, pigeons need a place to nest and what better place than somewhere that is already built? Not to mention warm and does not require cleaning! Pigeons nest close to where they were born and as long as there is ample room and a viable food source. Once they find one, they are unlikely to leave willingly. Our Toodaloo technicians are experts at evicting these squatters with our Calgary pigeon removal services.

Pigeons make their nests in difficult to reach places, unlikely to be disturbed and this puts roofs and attics at risk. Pigeons can cause damage to properties by building their nests inside gutters and causing water backup on surfaces, allowing them to rot or otherwise damage the integrity of the roof itself.

Calling in Toodaloo pest and wildlife control for your Calgary pigeon control and removal ensures these birds won’t stick around long. Our services remove any nesting materials left behind on your property and use nationally approved, non-hazardous methods to make sure that they stay away. Call today to book an appointment with one of our Toodaloo technicians.

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