Calgary Rat Control & Removal

Until recently, Calgary has been classified as a “rat free” area. With the help of our Toodaloo technicians and our Calgary rat control and removal services, we can keep it that way.

Norway rats are the most common species of rat across the prairies but they are not alone. There have also been sightings of roof rats as well.

Norway rats are sturdy and built to survive in Canadian terrain. They have been found in Calgary, usually taking over abandoned structures or making their homes underground. Nests  have several exits and are built near other structures in order to ‘piggyback’ on their structural integrity.

Contrary to their burrowing counterparts, roof rats make their homes at higher altitudes. These rats operate like gymnasts in order to find new places to nest. While Norway rats make their nests outdoors, roof rats will just walk right in to your home. These rodents waltz in and make your space, theirs. Good balance allows them to travel along wires, ledges, drainage spouts and even trees in order to gain access to your home.

Calgary Rat Removal: Elimination & Prevention

When it comes to Calgary rat removal, simply removing the rodents themselves will do little to solve the problem. No, complete removal requires dealing with the physical aspect of an infestation as well as the possibility of a future one. Our Toodaloo technicians strive to not only remove the rats themselves but to keep them out. By helping our clients assess preventative measures, we stop the entry of rats.

The nature of our Calgary rat control and removal is full-service and toward  excellent customer service. We don’t stop at surface issues. We want our customers to understand the issue of infestation and the after-care that comes along once the dust has settled.

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