Calgary Silverfish Control & Removal

Have you ever turned on the light, just to see a something shiny slither out of view? If so, you probably have silverfish inside your home or business. Luckily, these insects no longer need to be a problem with our Calgary silverfish control and  removal.

What You Should Know About Silverfish

Silverfish thrive in high humidity areas and although Calgary does have a drier climate that other parts of Canada, that does not mean that they are not there. Silverfish are nocturnal, which is one of their greatest strengths, keeping out of the light and out of view.

Since most people have schedules counter to these slithery bugs, they can go for extended periods of time without their presence being known. By the time you see one of them, you could already be dealing with a full-fledged infestation. What does an infestation mean for you? Silverfish thrive on the same foods that humans do but they are able to survive on natural textiles as well, which can mean big trouble for your stored items, like towels, luggage, books, or even the wallpaper in these areas.

Our Toodaloo technicians are subjected to a rigorous training program before ever looking at the inside of a home. These long training processes guarantee our customers the best possible results, not just for the removal of the adult silverfish that are present within your property but the adolescents and eggs that are hiding in the dark.

You may not notice the parts of your home that carry the most humidity but thats alright, our Toodaloo technicians can show you the ropes. Checking inside basements, attics, closets, cupboards and bathrooms especially. Those hot showers add up! Most bathrooms are equipped with ventilation structures, but it is not enough to keep moisture out of enclosed spaces.

Unlike other insects, silverfish do not need a conventional food source. Silverfish live off of natural textiles, including glucose-based and starchy materials and textiles. Call today or book online for your Calgary silverfish control and removal.

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