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Wasps are scary. There is always a threat of being stung. They hover around you home and workspace. Wasps have no concept of personal boundaries. Toodaloo pest and wildlife control want to help you kick those yellow jackets out, with our Calgary wasp control and removal.

For most humans, warm weather is the best weather. It is, however, hard to enjoy the sun when there are winged menaces taking over your patio or barbecue. The warmer the weather, the more activity we can see. Insects thrive in warm conditions, making it the opportune moment, for wasps to thrive. Not just wasps, either. Other insect populations grow – creating a larger food source and attracting these unwanted wasps.

Calgary Wasp Removal: Beneficial Bugs

Contrary to everything we might feel about these striped-intruders, wasps are still considered beneficial pests. Wasps benefit the planet by pollinating plants and eating other insects. Wasps have been known to eat ants, flies, caterpillars and spiders along with their nectar diets. Keeping these other insects at bay is an excellent service to have done naturally but not at the expense of having large wasps populations around your home or business.

During early spring months, they are not as noticeable, you might even forget they exist for a while, but they will come back in full-force as it becomes later in the summer season. Establishing and building nests takes up the bulk of the wasp’s time in early months but once they are established, all of their focus does to protecting and pollinating. It is this instinct to protect their home that can make them so dangerous when trying to remove them from your residential or commercial property.

Avoid the stings, the running, the flailing and the threats that come along with Calgary wasp control and removal. Our Toodaloo technicians are trained to remove nests as well as populations, so trust in your local pest removal experts. Call today to book an appointment with one of Toodaloo technicians.

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