Edmonton Carpenter Ant Control & Removal

Although, “out of sight, out of mind” is an age-old saying, it should not apply to your home. Thanks to Toodaloo pest and wildlife control, your Edmonton carpenter ant control and removal can be painless.

Where To Spot A Carpenter Ant

When ants are seen around your home or business, a thorough range of detection is necessary and our Toodaloo technicians are just the men and women for the job. Unlike some pest control companies, Toodaloo knows that the majority of the hard work comes from behind the scenes. Using basic insecticides and focusing on the visible issue does very little to eliminate the colony as a whole.

Main colonies are ordinarily built outside, usually in dead or rotting trees or stumps. As parent colonies grow, workers are sent out to form new ‘satellite colonies’. These satellite colonies spread the population abroad, allowing for further population growth and sustainability, they are also the primary issue for property owners.

Carpenter ants are able to chew into sound wood, leaving behind only a sawdust residue behind them. By burrowing in, these ants give themselves full access to the framework of your home. This allows carpenter ants to spread and thrive behind the security of your walls.

What Sets Toodaloo Apart

In addition to in-depth training, our technicians arrive to homes, armed and ready with state of the art equipment. Thermal imaging aids in seeing behind walls in order to find these satellite colonies without creating unnecessary damage to your property by putting multiple holes in walls in order to track these ants down.

Your Edmonton carpenter ant removal does not need to be a traumatic experience. By calling in our experienced technicians, you are making a choice to provide your home with the best possible care with the best possible results.

Call today to book an appointment for your Edmonton carpenter ant control and removal, 1-884-TOODALOO.

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