Edmonton Mouse Control & Removal

For as rare as rats seem to be in Edmonton, mice are another story all together. In fact, mice have quite a large population in and around the city itself. To the benefit of residents, our Toodaloo technicians are expertly trained in Edmonton mouse control and removal at several levels. This means that we can rid residential, commercial and strata properties, of mice infestations.

Managing Mice

The effect of mice on a property can be much different from urban rural locations. On rural properties, the damage from mice is larger structurally than it is in urban areas. With the harshness of Alberta winters, there have been increasing steps taken within the farming community to protect livestock.  Animal housing areas and stables tend to suffer the most damage on a rural scale, as mice can dig through flooring, walls, and even ceilings in order to make their homes. The same principals apply to urban areas but with a higher mouse population, they are more difficult to combat.

Edmonton Mouse Removal: No Risk, All Reward

Inside urban areas, the highest risk associated with the presence of mice is food contamination. Mice steer toward foods high in fat, sugar, starch or grains and can eat upwards of 2 lbs of food per year. If this does not seem like a large number, you should take into consideration that they are able to contaminate ten times that amount.

Our Toodaloo technicians complete a thorough assessment of the property before completing your Edmonton mouse removal, using eco-friendly products and a bit of elbow grease. There is no end to how beneficial early detection can be inside your home. One female mouse can quickly turn into many mice, effectively taking over your home and your pantry. It is much easier to evict one furry intruder than it is to get rid of many.

Call in today to book your Edmonton mouse control and removal, 1-844-TOODALOO.

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