Edmonton Pavement Ant Control & Removal

When it comes to your Edmonton pavement ant removal, it is important to find not only professional and experienced pest removal services but specialists that you trust with the care of your property. All of our technicians and franchise partners are local to your area. Toodaloo technicians are your friends and neighbours and always willing to lend a hand with your Edmonton pavement ant control and removal.

How Pavement Ants Get In

Displaced mounds of dirt around pavements, driveways or concrete foundations are signs that pavement ants are in the mix. If there are a few ants in your eye-line they are most likely inside your property too. Pavement ants are very small and can find their way indoors through hairlines cracks in cement foundations. Once they have settled in, pavement ants waste no time beginning to build their numbers. These particular ants are very keen as survival, going the extra lengths in order to ensure the safety of their colonies. Yes, plural!

Pavement ants have both parent and satellite colonies, following the ‘divide and conquer’ mentality, and having multiple queens per nest. Without understanding the habits of these pests, it is impossible to fully remove the population. They hide behind walls, under flooring, behind insulation and anywhere near an entry point in the concrete. Thermal imaging as well as injection rods aid in both finding and removing these difficult to locate satellite colonies, ordinarily hidden from sight.

It is never too early to address the issue of ants in the house. As inconvenient as they may seem just by crawling about where they don’t belong, they are also very capable to large-scale food contamination. Once they have found a viable food source for themselves, ants are great nuisances, refusing to leave and difficult to deal with.

Calling in professional help can decrease your stress, frustration and give you piece of mind. Get your property completely clear of unwanted pests, critters and creepy-crawlers, today. These results are courtesy of our Toodaloo technicians and our Edmonton pavement ant control and removal services.

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