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Pigeons are a part of our Canadian landscapes. In just the same way that you go outdoors expecting to see mountains or clouds, you can expect to see pigeons. You might run in to these birds on the street, but having them on your property can lead to damage and an unappealing facade. Our Edmonton pigeon control and removal services want to make sure that these birds stick to their natural habitats and out of yours.

Consequences Of Pigeon Populations

Pigeons are nature’s opportunists, taking advantage of their surroundings, both natural and manmade. Making their homes in difficult to reach places has served them well but for the business community of Edmonton, it has been a great trouble. Pigeons leave behind an unsightly mess, regardless of location.

The mess that they leave behind is a corrosive substance and can cause significant damage over time. Cleaning the droppings off of property does not seem like a difficult undertaking, it is a constant one. With pigeon populations on the rise, it is nearly impossible to keep on top of the maintenance that comes along with it. In addition to the unappealing visuals that come along with pigeons, they carry bacteria around with them that are enough to make anyone sick.

Edmonton Pigeon Removal: Safe Evictions

Making their homes in difficult to reach areas has served these birds quite well. Convincing pigeons to vacate these precarious positions, takes skilled hands. It is not safe for property owners to climb up a ladder in order to remove a pigeon nesting area. As humans, we are at a disadvantage as soon as our feet leave the ground. Even for the most sure-footed Canadians, there is always a possibility that one could slip and fall. Slippery surfaces combined with the height of a ladder, means potentially serious bodily harm.

With Toodaloo, you can rest assured that your Edmonton pigeon control and removal operates completely insured, by trained technicians. Our Toodaloo technicians are trained in various safety protocols and are outfitted with state of the art equipment.

Call today to book an appointment with one of our Toodaloo technicians, 1-844-TOODALOO.

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