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Every year, wasps leave their mark on the residents of Alberta. They plague picnics and patios but our Toodaloo technicians want to take back summer. Our technicians help our community with our unique brand of Edmonton wasp control and removal.

Although there are several species of stinging wasps at work in the Edmonton area, yellow jackets provide the most distress for residents. During the Spring and the early weeks of summer, wasps are not of any great concern to the human population.  Wasps are busying themselves with building their nests and couldn’t care less about humans. As the summer winds down to a close, these wasps become more aggressive. Survival instincts kick in as the winds begin to change and wasps begin to defend their resources. However, defending is not enough and wasps attempt to gain new ones, using their stings as warnings.

Wasps are very difficult to get rid of without professional help, largely due to the nature of their nests. There is a very distinguishable grouping of wasps who spend their lives individually but those who spend their lives in groups prove to be the biggest nuisance for people. Yellow jacket wasps are clever, fastening their nests in difficult to reach places such as underneath eaves, in trees, attached to sheds and can even make them inside attics or in basements or cellars.

Edmonton Wasp Removal: Don’t Try This At Home

Attempting to remove these nests can be hazardous in more ways than one. Hives are composed of a natural paper-like substance and when threatened, its inhabitants come out in full force to defend it. Attempting to remove a hive can result in an attack. For those nests high enough up, it can be a danger to those climbing up ladders to attempt their removal.

By trusting our Toodaloo technicians with your Edmonton wasp removal, you are placing your property in experienced hands, comfortable with managing any degree of wasp population and doing so safely and using the most ‘up to date’ methods.

Call today or book online for your Edmonton wasp control and removal, 1-844-TOODALOO.

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