Grande Prairie Mouse Control & Removal

Anytime there are mice on your property, you should respond as soon as possible. Far too quickly, a couple of mice can turn into a hundred or more mice. So you may be relieved to hear that, no matter the number, Toodaloo offers Grande Prairie mouse control and removal.

Mice can enter a building in any number of devious ways. Windows and doors (even if they are only barely cracked open), holes or gaps in walls, floors, or roofs, or even sink or tub drains. They will most often try to find a way in around the fall, when the weather takes a cold turn. However, they may try to break and enter any time of the year.

The average adult female mouse can produce up to sixty babies over the course of a year. If there are already a couple of mice in your house, it can only take a few months for the infestation to truly grow to gargantuan levels. This is why it is always best not to take chances, and to act the moment a mouse population is apparent. These rodents are capable of biting pipes and wires, causing water leakage or even electrical fires, and they can spread a number of diseases just by being near humans. Even indirect contact with their urine, fecal matter, or saliva can lead to Hantavirus, rat-bite fever, Salmonella, and more.

Grande Prairie Mouse Control & Removal: Stop that Squeaking Once and for All

Don’t rely on impractical and unsafe ‘solutions’ such as traps or poisons. These can be almost as damaging to your health as the mice themselves. At Toodaloo, we not only use humane treatments, but eco-friendly and people-safe ones as well. We believe that you deserve the best service there is. We won’t leave hazards behind – we remove them, and all the stresses they can cause.

Give us a call today at 1-844-TOODALOO (866-3250) and we can help you set up your appointment with our Grande Prairie team.

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