Grande Prairie Pigeon Control & Removal

In Grande Prairie, you may be just as annoyed at all the swans, which are surprisingly aggressive, than pigeons, which seem mild and complacent in comparison. But pigeons have their own kinds of problems. For instance, they are just as dirty as a common sewer rat, but are more fearless. They have no problem getting close to people and their homes or businesses. Toodaloo provides Grande Prairie pigeon  control and removal that is safe and effective that you can depend on.

Pigeons are carriers, not for letters anymore, but for bugs and diseases. Small parasitic creatures like fleas and mites will cling to their feathers and feed off of them, though they have no problem jumping from one host to another, and that next host could easily be you if you do not exercise caution around these birds or their feathers. And the bacteria these birds carry can result in contracting fungal-born diseases like Histoplasmosis, Cryptococcosis, or Psittacosis. They are also capable of transmitting the avian flu.

Besides their tendency to spread disease, their very presence can mean trouble for property owners. First of all, having flocks of pigeons gather under the eaves and awnings of your building can be off-putting to visitors. But they can also cause damage to a property by releasing their droppings over various surfaces. Pigeons droppings are acidic, and can even become corrosive over time. Eventually, this could lead to you needing heavy duty cleaning such as pressure washing, repainting, or window cleaning.

Grande Prairie Pigeon Control & Removal: Feathery Menaces

Besides sanitzation of an area and exclusionary work, Toodaloo technicians will provide safe, humane, and envrionmentally friendly solutions. These include the installations of brackets, netting, wiring, and more. And we can provide this for residential, commercial, or industrial areas. We will keep you and your property safe from these winged animals.

Give us a call at 1-844-TOODALOO (866-3250) to set up your appointment, or you can use our website.

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