Grande Prairie Silverfish Control & Removal

These insects can be so sneaky that you may not even notice at first that they have invaded your home or business. It seems as though they simply descend upon our properties in the night and never leave. Toodaloo Pest and Wildlife Control can make them leave, though, with our brand of Grande Prairie silverfish control and removal.

One of the reasons that you can so easily miss these little guys is that they are nocturnal. That’s right, they typically only come out when we are sleeping. They hate the light, and will run away – quickly – at any movement or sign of activity. Often, the only hint we have of their presence is nibbled holes in our possessions. They will gladly take a bite out of our books, cardboard boxes, wallpaper, house plants, and linens such as towels, cloths, or furniture coverings like pillows, cushions, and sheets.

When you spot one, you may be struck by the resemblance they have to fish. Truly, their name was well-chosen. They have long, tapered, silvery bodies that wriggle back and forth as they scurry. This makes it appear as though they are swimming out of water. They will also prefer to live in, and lay their eggs in, coold, dark, damp places. It can take between thirty days and three years for a silverfish to mature, but they can also live for a surprisingly long time with little to no food.

Grande Prairie Silverfish Control & Removal: Fighting Back

If there is anyone who can be counted on to track down these annoying bugs, it is Toodaloo’s very own pest control technicians. Our local team will offer discreet, professional service that is quick and effective. As a company, we prefer to use environmentally friendly solutions to pest problems, and we do so with a smile. We will be on your side against the pests through thick and thin, so you can truly count on us.

You can reach us at 1-844-TOODALOO (866-3250) to set up your appointment with us or ask us more about our services.

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