Halton Silverfish Control & Removal

When something is hard to see, it is hard to get rid of. This goes for small pests like silverfish. Silverfish are also nocturnal, they shun the light, and they don’t care much for human activity. Humans, in turn, don’t care much for silverfish activity, and there’s a good reason for this. Silverfish are creepy, and can damage your possessions. Toodaloo offers Halton silverfish control and removal, so there’s no need to fear. Just give us a call!

You can tell silverfish apart by their teardrop-shaped bodies and silver scales, as well as their wriggling, fish-like movements. That is how they got their name, but beyond that, the only thing they have in common with fish is their love of damp places.

If you manage to spot them, silverfish are most often found lurking in the dark and forgotten corners of your home or other property. In tubs and sinks, under cupboards or stairs, or in basements or laundry rooms, silverfish love cool, moist areas. They also love paper, starches, linens, and pastes or glues. They will even eat the dead bodies of other insects. If you find holes in your laundry or books, it may well be the silverfish.

Halton Silverfish Control & Removal: Why Toodaloo is the Best Choice

Because of how hard it is to see or stop silverfish in their tracks, getting professional help is important in properly treating the infestation. We can also get into places that other people cannot. That way, we can fully access the problem areas and clear them out once and for all.

Keep your belongings and home decor safe from hungry pests. Our technicians at Toodaloo are experienced and ready to take care of your silverfish problem, no matter the size or area.

To catch these sneaky suckers, call us at 1-844-TOODALOO (866-3250) or book your appointment with us online.

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