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March 26, 2020

Bed Bug Exterminator Hamilton

Bed Bug Exterminator Hamilton

Bed bugs have quickly become the boogeyman for property owners in the Hamilton area. These pests come out at night, make their meals out of blood and are some of the sneakiest intruders around. Just sharing your home or workspace with insects is bad enough, but those that bite are even worse! While you might come into contact with the odd mosquito or tick when outside, bed bugs in your home are a constant battle. The best way to eliminate insect populations and ditch the threat of bites is by hiring a professional Hamilton bed bug exterminator.

Your Hamilton Bed Bug Exterminator

Despite their name, bed bugs do not have to stay put around beds or boxsprings. The main attractants for these insect intruders are warmth, dark and quiet - making Canadian homes a perfect place to settle down. Any soft materials around your living, or even work space, can house hundreds of bugs. The seams of furniture, carpeting, stored luggage and other textured fabrics allow bugs to burrow in and hide out. The major mistake of property owners is to zero in on mattresses and bedding. These areas are warmest at night and provide a nightly food source but insect diets do not need to be consistent. A year without a meal is no problem for uninvited houseguests.

The key to a proper bed bug removal is to approach every bed bug infestation in steps. Proper assessment identifies problem areas for re-infestation, while treatment eliminates populations and after-care can prevent bed bugs from re-entering. When you want to make sure to get rid of every last pest hiding out in corners, you will need a trained eye to track them down. Mattresses are not the only place that bugs hang out. Even the most opened areas, like rugs or the seams of furniture can be excellent stomping grounds for bed bugs. In addition to treating main focus areas, surrounding areas need to be treated as well. By keeping out clients informed, Toodaloo bed bug exterminators are able to create customized plans involving heat treatments and both chemical and non-chemical treatments.

Bed Bug Exterminator Hamilton


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Everyone knows bed bugs are bad news – but they are even worse than you think! These bloodsuckers are masters of the hostile takeover and are taking bites out of property owners all over Canada. This brand of bug is stubborn and notoriously hard to get rid of. When hardware store insecticides can’t get the job done, property owners need to think outside the box. Keep these stubborn pests at bay and protect your home or business with professional pest control.

Getting Bed Bugs in Hamilton

Although these pests tend to hit property owners while they sleep, they are not confined to bedrooms. Bed bugs have their origin far and away from the Canadian homes that they are now camped out in. As far back as historical records go, these biting pests were found inside caves around the Middle East. Instead of being relegated to one area, residents of Greece were battling these bugs even before the year 0!

If a species has lasted this long and spread throughout the globe, it is safe to say that infestations are a tough nut to crack! In a more modern sense, you likely did not pick up a bed bug spelunking in a cave. However, travellers are a key way that hitchhiking insects make their way around. Hostels or hotels, planes, trains, busses and popular tourist attractions are all known to spread populations. These intruders make their way inside by grabbing on to hosts and allowing themselves to be carried inside. This means that just about any time you set foot outside the house, there is a chance of you carrying one of these bugs around.

Bed bugs might be associated with unsavoury or unclean environments but the truth of the matter is, that these pests can be anywhere! High-traffic areas are hotbeds for bugs. Hotels, theatres, restaurants and even planes house potential unwanted houseguests. Once they’ve found a new host, these pests ride indoors, using those inside as an all-you-can-eat buffet. Bed bug bites might not be known to transmit disease but they are no picnic! These bites leave raised, red and itchy skin and don’t come in small doses. If bed bugs have crept in to your life, look to Toodaloo for your city of Hamilton bed bug control and removal.

hamilton bed bug removal

Hamilton Bed Bugs: A Continuous Problem

There are plenty of experimental methods regarding bed bug treatments, but none of these are a “one and done” sort of treatment. In fact, some of the DIY methods that you might come across are just pointless. Tossing bedding into a plastic bag and trying to wait out lifespans does not work with these intruders. Bed bugs are known to go long periods without access to food and can withstand both high and low temperatures. For such small pests, bed bugs are surprisingly mobile. These insects are some of the most skilled hitchhikers around. You are in danger anywhere that has high volume foot traffic and textiles that you might find a bed bug hiding out in. With no way to predict where bed bugs will strike next, knowing how to get rid of them is important. Grabbing simple sprays or bug bombs is not enough to kill bed bugs. The only real method of successful pest control is to call pest management professionals to get rid of bed bugs for you.

Because these pests are known to spread out, your “run of the mill” treatment methods just won’t cut it. Having a local, professional bed bug exterminator team in your corner can make a world of difference to your home or workspace.


Now that we know these home invaders are known to withstand extreme temperatures, spread over large areas and travel in large groups, how do you get rid of these pests? There are a million ways to pick bed bugs up and there are just as many products that claim to get rid of them. Liquid baits and physical traps might work for some insects but bed bugs are in a league of their own. Claiming to have a magical cure-all to infestations might sound great on paper but it isn’t real! Using the same treatment plan for commercial spaces, homes and even strata spaces will not get the same results in all property types. This is what makes customized treatment plans the secret to success!

There is no one way to get rid of bed bugs in Hamilton, so property owners can be choosy! Some people might opt for chemical extermination while others prefer a more natural approach. For example, bed bug heat treatment uses steam to banish bugs from both obvious and hard to reach areas. It is easy to assume pests are around standard areas like mattresses and box springs but these aren’t the only areas that need treating. In fact, tracking these bugs is so difficult that companies have had to get creative. A bed bug detection dog might sound over the top but they do exist! Hiring on a bed bug K9 can mean quick detection and a better result. With or without help from a four-legged friend, our Toodaloo technicians don’t quit until your home or workplace is pest-free.

Our Toodaloo bed bug exterminators are fully trained in various methods of bed bug removal and extermination, capable of handling any job, of any size, professionally and efficiently. Unlike some other pest control companies our removal solutions are environmentally friendly so you know that there are no harmful chemicals being sprayed throughout your home.

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