Hamilton Carpenter Ant Removal

The world of insects is divided into those species that are beneficial and those that aren’t. Carpenter ants might sound like a helpful species, but these pests are anything but! Ants squeeze their way into into properties through gaps around doors, windows, ventilation outlets and any opened spaces. Once inside, carpenter ants begin to break down construction materials. If you are noticing ants around your home or commercial space, get rid of them with a little help from Toodaloo. Protecting your property has never been easier than with our Hamilton carpenter ant removal service.

Why You Should Be Concerned About Carpenter Ants

The pest control industry is overrun with calls about common, biting pests like bed bugs. While these insects are at the forefront of property owners’ minds, ants tend to be overlooked. Instead of carting around a belt full of tools, carpenter ants handle deconstruction all on their own. Carpenter ants begin their lives in the great outdoors. Decayed wood acts as prime real estate for these pests. Tree stumps or tree branches provide housing and transportation avenues for entire colonies. Carpenter ants build up these spaces and as they do, populations begin to grow. When populations become too large to be contained, winged ants take off from the parent colony in search of new digs. In addition to flying over, ants can be carried indoors or make use of items like tree limbs to make their way onto your property.

hamilton carpenter ant removal

Once they find a suitable space, carpenter ants don’t waste any time building up satellite colonies. In order to keep their populations intact, these pests live behind the scenes, gnawing away at wooden and cellulose based material. Unlike pavement ants, carpenter ants bite and chew their way through the sensitive areas of homes and businesses. It can be difficult to detect early signs of ant damage but our Toodaloo technicians know just where to look. With the right tools, specialists can keep an eye on sensitive areas like a hollow door or wall void, as well as flooring and behind closed spaces. As if sharing a living space with uninvited guests weren’t bad enough, these ants wear away at important foundation materials. For each bit of drywall or wood that these pests eat, you are one step closer to a whole lot of unnecessary damage and costly repairs. Save yourself the trouble of cleaning up after these pests, by getting rid of them all together!

Hamilton Carpenter Ant Control & Removal: How Toodaloo Does It

It doesn’t take any special skill to catch an ant crawling across your counter but tracking them throughout your property does. Once you find an ant, it is important to properly identify them. Knowing whether you are dealing with carpenter ants, pavement ants or pharaoh ants has a major impact on how they need to be treated. Simply squishing an ant or two when they are out foraging for food won’t achieve a complete Hamilton ant removal. Ant colonies can be home to dozens, hundreds or thousands of ants at any given time. There are plenty of online “solutions” to ant issues, typically involving household materials like boric acid. Eliminating ants from one or two high traffic areas is not enough to ditch your ant population as a whole. Imaging tools allow pest specialists to monitor exactly where these ants are hiding out. By addressing large and small clusters of ants, Toodaloo technicians are able to get rid of every last ant around.

When you need help eliminating your carpenter ant infestation, look no further than a Toodaloo technician. Our reliable and expert service will have your property ant-free in no time!

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