Hamilton Flea Removal

During winter months, it is easy to forget about fleas. These pests die off during cold snaps but as weather gets warmer, fleas come out swinging! These insects might be small, but they make big waves around unattached homes, storefronts and strata properties. These pests build their populations quickly, spread out over large areas and are notoriously difficult to get rid of. If fleas have found a way inside your property, stop them from taking over with a little help from Toodaloo. Our Hamilton flea removal gets rid of those creepy crawlers and takes the bite out of your flea problem.

Picking Up Fleas

Picking up pests is as easy as taking a walk or putting out the trash. Unlike other, more direct insects, fleas are incredibly sneaky. Something as innocent as leaving the house with your dog or cat can mean an infestation before you even know it! Outdoor flea populations do not stay outdoors for long! As safe as you believe your home and yard to be, you can expect not only fleas on your pet, but on your clothing or person as well. Flea infestations start small, with one or two adult fleas hiding out within the fur of long-haired animals. Adult female fleas burrow into fur, they lay eggs loosely in their surroundings. Just one wag of a tail can spread eggs throughout soft materials, like rugs, furniture and pet bedding. As easy as it is to blame the animals in your home, pet owners are not the only ones who should be worried!

hamilton flea removal

This is one way for fleas to make it into your home, but these pests have options! Traveling on pets is one mode of transport but hitchhiking fleas are known to cling to other animals as well. Anything with medium to long hair is a welcome wagon for fleas. Having raccoons, squirrels mice or rats lurking around your property, they can deposit fleas as they go. This means that fleas can be dropped right at your doorstep but these insects can come in from just about anywhere. Camping equipment, outdoor furniture, or clothing can all be flea carriers. No matter how they get in, the surefire way to keep them out is with our Hamilton flea removal.

The Toodaloo Technique To Your Hamilton Flea Control & Removal

It is easy to confuse a common flea with a bed bug. A flea bite is known to become red and itchy in the same way that bed bug bites do, but getting rid of fleas is a much different process. There might not be a magic flea spray to eliminate your infestation, but calling Toodaloo is just as quick and effective. Getting flea populations under control is easier said than done. Tracking visible, adult populations is step-one in a multi-step process. Just because you can’t see fleas does not mean that they aren’t there. Between eggs and adolescents, fleas might as well be invisible – and they account for half of flea populations. Looking to kill fleas means treating your home for every stage of the insect life cycle. Adult fleas might be easier to spot but flea eggs pose a continuous problem to your space.

Proper flea treatment requires more than releasing a bug bomb into your space. Along with elimination of your pest problems, a Toodaloo technician brings in all sorts of information for flea prevention. Habits, housing and patterns of fleas might be a mystery to some, but our Toodaloo technicians know these pests like the back of our hands. When you want to ditch fleas and learn how to keep them out, call Toodaloo for your Hamilton flea removal.

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