Hamilton Pavement Ant Removal

They might slip under the radar on the pest severity scale but ants are some of the most common intruders in the Hamilton area. Anywhere that they have access to a bit more leg room and a renewable food source makes these ants feel at home. If pavement ants have begun trailing through your home or commercial space, call Toodaloo. A proper Hamilton pavement ant removal helps keep your property – and your community – pest free!

The Habits of Pavement Ants

Spotting ants crawling around your space can be a shock, so it is no wonder that not many property owners try to identify these uninvited guests. Figuring out what type of pest you are dealing with is key to eliminating your infestation. Much like other ants, pavements ants often begin their lives outdoors. These pests are keen to live underground – until it becomes inconvenient that is. Ants are able to cross the threshold of your home at any time of year but as temperatures take a dip, it is more likely for these pests to make their way inside. Once indoors, pavement ants stick close to reliable food sources, like kitchens or living areas. Where one pest finds a meal, they leave chemical trails behind so that others can follow. Getting rid of one ant does not stop the rest from coming soon afterward. The only way to stop ants from tunnelling around your property or crawling throughout your home is to call in the pros to get rid of these pests.

hamilton pavement ant removal

Your Hamilton Pavement Ant Removal

There seems to be a never ending supply of ants out in the world but when they begin to pop up inside your living space, call Toodaloo. Over the years, our Toodaloo technicians have figured out how to treat your pavement ant infestation safely and directly. Through the use of specialty tools and the right training, our technicians make your Hamilton pavement ant removal as painless as possible.

Call today to book an appointment for prompt and complete removal of your infestation!

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