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Unlike invited guests, birds have a tendency to come and go as they please. Different species of birds have their own goals and motivations, but they all revolve around food and shelter. In a populated area like Hamilton, pigeons have a habit of taking advantage of property owners. These common birds are some of the most consistent pests infiltrating homes and businesses, both inside and out! Pigeons are loud, messy and unpleasant to have around. Don’t let your property be taken over when a proper Hamilton pigeon removal is only a phone call away!

Bad News About Birds

It is a pretty common pass-time to head down to the park and feed the birds. In theory, this is a nice way to spend an afternoon but making it a habit can open the door to all sorts of problems! You might have noticed signs that say “Don’t Feed Pigeons” and they are there for good reason! Pigeons roost near recurring food sources, which means homes and commercial spaces in your area. Dealing with pigeon infestations are tricky for several reasons: they are very mobile, they are stubborn, they cause property damage and they are difficult to shoo away. Sure, you can swing a broom or splash some water but those are only temporary removal measures. The longer that pigeons are allowed to live on your property, the more comfortable they become!

It is no secret that these birds are messy creatures, leaving bacteria and droppings all over. It is bad enough that pigeons contaminate living spaces but having them around eateries or storefronts is even worse! Whether you are in the restaurant or retail industry, contamination can mean a negative impact on the wellbeing of your clients. Keeping a clean and welcoming environment can feel impossible where pigeons are concerned. In addition to being ugly, pigeon droppings are incredibly acidic – so acidic that they are corrosive! Leaving these droppings to sit causes damage to surface materials that demands replacements or repainting. If you are feeling overwhelmed by avian pests, call Toodaloo for humane bird control.

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Hamilton Pigeon Control & Removal: Getting Results

The only way to properly remove pigeon populations is to push them out and stop them from coming back. Creating an uninviting environment for birds will prevent pigeons from landing. Feral pigeons are not afraid to take over a space, and they aren’t particular about their surrounding. While it is common to catch birds trailing across patios, roofs or flat surfaces, pigeon populations can also bleed into garages and attics. Proper pigeon control products deter pigeons from sticking around. Even areas as thin as window sills can act as a perch for pigeons. Luckily, there are options to keep these birds from landing. Non-lethal treatment methods can be applied to any property type. Items such as bird spikes are common in public domains, but they do not always work for private properties. Where one item doesn’t work, it is time to test out other ways to deter pigeons. Bird netting, for example, prevent pigeons from landing and leaving their mark on your property.

Handling a pigeon infestation is much different than smaller household pests. For some pests, chemical treatments or traps are able to solve the problem but birds are a very different story. In order to get the best results for your Hamilton pigeon removal, you can’t have these birds feeling comfortable in your space. With several options for pigeon deterrents, there is no property that can’t be bird-free! Unwanted visitors and droppings are for the birds! Ditch stains, noise and the aesthetic nightmare that is a pigeon infestation. Call or book online today for your Hamilton pigeon removal and pest control.

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