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March 26, 2020

Hamilton Squirrel Removal

Hamilton Squirrel Removal

Squirrels might appear cute and cuddly from afar but these rodents can cause some serious damage. It is bad enough having these pests trailing the exterior areas of your property, but it is even worse when they squeeze indoors. Once inside, rodents begin to rip apart sensitive materials, and build nests, all while spreading germs and droppings.
Hamilton Squirrel Removal


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When property owners are considering rodent control, squirrels are hardly the first culprits to come to mind. While mice and rats are public enemy #1 throughout the Hamilton area, squirrels are not far behind. These seemingly cuddly creatures are responsible for thousands and thousands of dollars in property damage each year. Don’t let sneaky intruders ruin your home or workspace when our experts provide prompt and humane options for your Hamilton squirrel removal.

When To Call For Professional Squirrel Control

Following the habits of squirrels through nature-based television specials or spying them on a hike might not make these pests seem like the worst houseguests to have. There are plenty of species of these furry climbers around the world, but they are all trouble indoors. Red squirrels, tree squirrels, flying squirrels and even grey squirrels are all meant to stay outside! Some insects are able to give birth to hundreds of offspring a year. Far from other types of pests, squirrels are limited to around ten babies a year. While one adult is able to cause chaos throughout your home or business, a family of these unwelcome visitors means costly repairs and replacements. If you suspect that you are housing rodents, call Toodaloo at the first signs.

hamilton squirrel removal

So, what are some of the symptoms that you can expect from squirrels:

Much like any pest infestation, squirrels do leave signs of their presence scattered around your property. Gnaw marks on wooden framing and furniture are a sure sign that you are dealing with unwelcome visitors in your space. Other unpleasantries include droppings, as well as the sounds of scratching and scurrying throughout your home or workspace. If you are seeing – or hearing – any of these signs, don’t hesitate to call Toodaloo for humane wildlife control. The longer that you wait, the larger the population and the harder it becomes to get rid of squirrels.

The Toodaloo Technique

The difference between handling small insects and larger animals is more than technique! Instead of poisons or bait traps, squirrels require humane trapping and removal practices. So, how can you catch pests that are that fast and that sneaky? By being sneakier than them! Humanely removing pests from your property requires the right tools, patience and technique. Our removal experts arrive on scene to assess the extent of your infestation and to identify problem areas where pests might be getting in. Once we have an idea of what we are dealing with, Toodaloo technicians create a treatment plan that works for you.

In order to keep pests away, our experts remove attractants that drew them in. Items like bird feeders might as well be 5-star restaurants for squirrels. These processes alone will not prevent squirrels from trying to sneak indoors but it will give them less of a reason! Humane squirrel traps and other methods of live trapping are options for residential, commercial and strata properties all over the Hamilton area.


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Our Toodaloo technicians are fully trained in various methods of pest removal and extermination, capable of handling any job, of any size, professionally and efficiently. Unlike some other pest control companies our removal solutions are environmentally friendly so you know that there are no harmful chemicals being sprayed throughout your home.

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