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March 26, 2020

Hamilton Wasp Removal

Hamilton Wasp Removal

Wasps are just about the worst houseguests that you can have. These pests are invasive, aggressive and always outstay their welcome. Instead of being a quiet nuisance, wasps come along with the constant threat of stings. Stings are painful at the best of times, but they can be deadly for those with allergies. Leave the risks at the door and call a professional to tackle the wasp nests around your home or commercial space. Our Toodaloo technicians have all the right training and equipment to remove your current infestation and discourage any future ones.
Hamilton Wasp Removal


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There is a lot of fear wrapped up around intruding insects, but none more so than with wasps. Spiders might sneak up on you, but stinging insects bring your infestation to a whole new level. These winged pests can ruin your day both indoors and outside. When wasps are camping out in or around your home, it opens the door to health hazards and general discomfort. Instead of learning to live with these pests, call Toodaloo for your Hamilton wasp removal.

The Trouble With Wasps

Wasps might be small but they have some pretty big egos. These pests do not care about invading your personal space and always outstay their welcome. You can’t expect to have a single wasp flying around your home or workspace, because social wasps are a package deal. Sure, they might act as solitary creatures at times, but these winged pests live together in nests. It is not as though wasps ask permission before they build their nests in tough to reach spaces around your property. It is simple to say “remove the nest” but getting the job done is much more involved than just pulling one down. While one insect is an issue, a hoard of stinging wasps are a health hazard! Everyone knows that wasps are known to sting. For some, these stings might only hurt for a matter of moments but for others, allergies are a reality. In fact, allergies to wasp stings are one of the most common allergens for most Canadians. Just one sting from these pests can lead to a serious trouble, so don’t be caught unaware! Instead of taking a risk, call Toodaloo instead!

hamilton wasp removal

Spotting a wasp nest is tough at the best of times. Over time, insects get smarter and learn how to protect themselves – namely by building nests and growing their numbers. Wasp nests are made out of a chewed paper-like substance, so they are delicate. In order to keep their homes intact, wasps build them out of reach of their human hosts. Nests can be constructed both above or below ground, making treatment options tough at the best of times. More often than not, nests are constructed in trees, roof peaks, in garages or even attics. These heights are helpful to wasps, but they are just another added threat to people. As if the threat of stings wasn’t enough, heights aren’t great either! Instead of propping up a ladder, call Toodaloo for a safe and professional Hamilton wasp removal.

Why Choose Toodaoo For Your Hamilton Wasp Control & Removal

It is easy to spot a flutter of black and yellow and assume that you are dealing with a wasp. Proper identification of your infestation is important to effective treatment methods. There are plenty of wasp and hornet species that terrorize homeowners but you need to know the difference between paper wasps or a yellow jacket nest. As a protected species, it is also important to identify whether you have a wasp or bee. Bees need to be protected, so it is recommended to stay away from sprays that cover large areas.

Safe wasp removal involves treating both current populations and discouraging new intruders. There are plenty of bug bombs on the market that claim to clean out nests but a temporary eviction doesn’t last. Calling in a professional pest control service gets long-lasting results for your wasp extermination. Don’t let the threat of stings prevent you from enjoying your space. When you call Toodaloo for your Hamilton wasp removal, your infestation is handled safely, efficiently and professionally. Call or book online today for your Hamilton wasp removal. Our Toodaloo technicians provide expert results and customer service that can’t be beat!



Our Toodaloo technicians are fully trained in various methods of pest removal and extermination, capable of handling any job, of any size, professionally and efficiently. Unlike some other pest control companies our removal solutions are environmentally friendly so you know that there are no harmful chemicals being sprayed throughout your home.

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