Kelowna Flea Control & Removal

Much like ticks and bed bugs, fleas depend on blood for survival. These pests feed on living hosts, making Kelowna flea control and removal a must!

Tracking Down Fleas

Fleas do not have wings but are great long-jumpers, finding hosts and allowing them to take them home unknowingly. As Kelowna is a very dog-friendly place to live, fleas have developed a very love/hate relationship with the pets. Fleas love living and feeding on hairy dogs while animals hate the itching and frustration that these fleas cause.

As animals brings fleas into the home, they become extremely difficult to get rid of. Fleas have, over time, become increasing clever in keeping their populations alive. Fleas lay eggs on their hosts, which in time simply fall off. Once they detach, fleas hatch on the next available fibrous area, such as rugs, upholstery and furniture.

When attacking the issue of fleas inside your home, it is easy to locate and eradicate the larger, adult fleas simply because they are the most easily visible but are not at all the whole of the problem!

Kelowna Flea Control & Removal: The Toodaloo Technique

Our Toodaloo technicians understand that the flea population is split up into three distinct groups, the eggs, larvae and adult fleas and are fully prepared and equipped to deal with these insects at any life stage.

Don’t get too tied up blaming ‘Spot’ or ‘Rover’ for your flea issues, these tiny bugs can come in on the backs of any animal, rodent or even person. More often than not, fleas make mice and rats their travel companions, so it never hurts to have our Toodaloo technicians take a more thorough look around your property to make sure that you are covering all of your birds with a single stone.

Our Toodaloo technicians are waiting to hear from you about your Kelowna flea removal,1-844-TOODALOO (866-3250).

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