Kelowna Mouse Control & Removal

Children’s films have given audiences a very strong mis-conception of what it is like having furry house mates. Instead of singing and companionship, mice bring health hazards. In severe cases, property damage, making your Kelowna mouse control and removal an important undertaking.

The Trouble With Mice

Mice breed quickly and make their nests in hidden locations throughout the property. Nests can become quite large if not noticed early on. The larger nests become, the more space they will take over inside your home.  Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome (HPS) is commonly associating with mice. Illness is brought on by ingesting food that has been in contact with mice or their droppings. For humans, we are at our most vulnerable when it comes to our food sources. Once mice have invaded the home, they make up camp near kitchens. This way, they have an accessible food source, sharing our food without permission.

In addition to being bad for personal health, mice pose a serious threat to the overall condition of your property. Mice chew through insulation, siding, drywall and even wires. When building materials are damaged, it increases the cost to mend or replace the chewed materials, and more importantly, these bad habits are a fire hazard. Chewed and exposed wires greatly increase the changes of electrical fires within the home.

Kelowna Mouse Control & Removal: Why Call Toodaloo

Calling in professional reinforcements at the first sign of mice inside your home or business give you a much better chance of preventing serious damage to your property. Our Toodaloo technicians carry-out your Kelowna mouse control and removal in an environmentally friendly way, and without introducing harmful toxins into your home. Our dedicated staff ensure your property is free and clear of all rodents and all it takes is one phone call!

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