Kelowna Silverfish Control & Removal

The rainy and cloudy nature of Kelowna winters brings on increased moisture and humidity. This might be uncomfortable for you but it creates opportune environments for silverfish. While these pests thrive, your property is suffering. Don’t stand by while your home is battered by slithering pests, call Toodaloo instead! A proper Kelowna silverfish control and removal service

What You Should Know About Silverfish

Silverfish are nocturnal, move quickly and are quite sneaky when they need to be. This makes them difficult to locate inside the home. Silverfish live primarily off of starchy substances and sugars. That, along with the fact that Silverfish are limited to areas with humidity of 75% or upwards, they become easier to find. Ordinarily silverfish stick to kitchens, closets, bathrooms and garages but are able to move throughout a property in order to find new food sources.

There are certain signs of silverfish inside the home, the primary being the damage that they leave behind. Peeling wallpaper, small holes in fabrics or damage to bindings in books (which seems to be caviar to these paste-loving insects). They are small enough that lasting damage can take a long while to become obvious. Despite the fact that it may go unnoticed for a while, these slithering pests are still hard at work. Every minute that passes, silverfish are eating and laying eggs in difficult to reach places.

Kelowna Silverfish Removal: The Importance Of Early Detection

Early detection of silverfish is imperative. Quick action is important because one female silverfish can have up to sixty offspring per year. This is easier said than done! Silverfish are nocturnal as well as dark in colour, making them difficult to see in their natural settings. At Toodaloo, Kelowna silverfish control and removal services ensure complete removal, not only of the adult silverfish but those difficult to locate eggs as well. Our unique methods ensure a complete removal of these insects with a permanent solution, cutting the population off at the source,

Our Toodaloo technicians are waiting by the phone to answer any questions you may have about our Kelowna silverfish control and removal services, 1-844-TOODALOO.

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